Architectural Services in Iowa City, IA

Carlson Design Team PC offers a broad scope of expertise regarding commercial architecture in Iowa City, IA. Our cumulative team experience and strong portfolio of work give us versatile insight into assisting developers across all phases of a project. Some of our numerous proficiencies can be seen below.

commercial architecture

Commercial Architecture

We welcome commercial projects of all sizes and scopes, delivering tailored services as one of the most experienced commercial architecture firms in Iowa City, IA. From strip malls to standalone stores, restaurants to mixed-use facilities, and even specialty developments like distilleries. Our team gets to know the scope of your development’s final application, so we can design with longevity in mind. Make us your first choice for stat-to-finish commercial architecture services in Iowa City, IA.

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educational architecture

Educational Architecture

Educational facilities need to be envisioned and planned with versatility and accommodation in mind. Our team has a breadth of past projects to draw from and we take the time to envision the needs of your space while we’re designing. We also offer interior design services to ensure all technology is properly incorporated and that the nuances of your learning environment are properly suited to the people who will occupy them. Our portfolio contains educational architecture for higher learning institutions, corporate campuses and more.

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health care architecture

Health Care Architecture

Medical architecture in Iowa City, IA is always evolving, ever-changing and particularly important to consider in a multi-faceted sense. At Carlson Design Team PC, our team-based approach to architectural design enables us to think critically about your healthcare facility from all sizes, to make sure nothing is overlooked or under-appreciated. We’re masters of medical building design in Iowa City, IA, from urgent care facilities to outpatient treatment centers, labs to inpatient treatment facilities and beyond. And, because we’re familiar with integrated technologies in the healthcare space, you’re guaranteed precision in our design plans.

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laboratory architecture

Laboratory Architecture

In a research setting, it takes great foresight in architectural planning to ensure the adaptability and longevity of facilities. We put great stock in designing laboratory environments that consider any and all future demands—from equipment usage and installation, to materials handling and beyond. Our team works to understand the scope of your lab’s needs, to design around those parameters and provide you with plans that are unique and budgeted. We have experience in designing for medical labs, university labs and in-hospital labs.

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multi-family residential architecture

Multi-Family Residential Architecture

One of our core specialties is multi-family residential architecture, and we take great pride in designing dwellings that cater to urbanization. From condos to apartment complexes, mixed-use spaces to side-by-sides, our architectural prowess lies in the ability to create beautiful, stand-out structures that are as accommodating as they are empowering. We combine elements of communal living with needed aspects of privacy and modernization to create spaces people love to live in. Our portfolio is filled with examples that lend themselves to myriad styles and themes, illustrating our ability to design around diverse visions.

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If you’re looking for a reliable commercial building architect in Iowa City, IA who can assist you from the earliest stages of your development, all the way through to completion, look no further than Carlson Design Team PC. Consult with us today at 319-338-0066.